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Wire rope slings are made from steel wire ropes, designed to help you lift heavy objects. They are used in construction, mining, cranes and other industries to move large objects. We have slings from 1 mm. to 75 mm., including wire slings used for lifting work, slings used for hoists, cranes, including Ungalvanized, Galvanized, and even stainless steel slings. There is a certificate certificate according to JIS, API9A standards.

Polyester Webbing Sling (Flat Sling) with loop at the end is made from 100% polyester synthetic fibers. Available in sizes from 1 ton to 24 tons according to EN-1492-1 (Safety Factor 7:1). It can be deployed in several ways of usage. Depending on customer's requirement, it can be made as a 2-legged, 3-legged, or 4-legged lift set depending on the usage conditions.

Polyester Round Sling is manufactured from 100% polyester synthetic fiber. It's a type of sling that is woven in a seamless circular pattern. When in use, the round sling will attach firmly to the workpiece. Increase confidence and safety in lifting. Available in sizes from 1 ton to 50 tons according to EN-1492-2 standards (Safety Factor 7:1).

Ratchet Strap with hook is manufactured from 100% polyester type synthetic fiber. It's durable, strong, tenacious according to EN-12195-2 standard, suitable for strapping or fixing workpieces & cargo trucks. Available in size from 1 ton / 2 tons / 3 tons / 5 tons / 6 tons / 10 tons / 12 tons.

We offer a wide range of products for your convenience, including soft slings, ferrules, turnbuckles, hooks and more. All of our products are made with high-quality materials.

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