Products Strategy

Innovative Solutions

At BEV-X, we work with our client to provide innovative products and solutions to increase workplace efficiency. Every business is different; hence our products and solutions are customized to the individual workflow or process in order to maximize the efficiency and productivity.

Safety First

We firmly believe that safety is top priority and must not be compromised. Having a safe environment is crucial to the long-term development of the company as it boost employee’s moral; reduced employee turn over rate; reduced the risk and liabilities of a company with low or zero incident rate. That is why our products and solutions centres around the principle of safety first.


Productivity and efficiency go hand-in-hand. With productivity, less time and resources are wasted, meaning your profit margin goes up. That is why our team in BEV-X work towards maximizing the efficiency and productivity of our client through our products and solutions.

Cost Effective Solutions

Since our inception, we maintain customer’s satisfaction by ensuring that our products and solutions meet the budget set by the customer. Ultimately, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible solution.

Smart Builders

We provide excellent products, services and solutions. We work with you to know what you need, and we are on hand to make sure you get it right first time.

Quality Equipments

The products and solutions we provide goes through the most stringent manufacturing process to ensure high-quality standard. This is backed by world wide warranty coverage given by our partnering companies.

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Working with BEV-X was a breeze. Their team was very committed and motivated in giving us the best solutions. Their equipment actually helped us a lot in cost savings through productivity.

Ms Cheratchaya PhennarongDirector

I was impressed by the amount of information and assistance the guys from BEV-X provided to me. I will definitely use their services again...

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